HI! I'm SAM SCHAK (She/Her/Hers)

My purpose is to create psychologically safe teams that breed healthy collaboration and innovation.

The health and wellbeing of my team is my top priority, above deliverables, budget, and clients.

I've found when I invest in the individuals on my team, I get the best results. There's plenty of constraints of a project I can't control. But I can control how we work together, share  our work, and own the process. 

Not your average PM

As my teams know, I operate a little different than most project managers they work with. I try to incorporate play, adaptability, and embracing failure into everything we do. I let my teams know I've got their back so they can feel safe enough to take risks and present new ideas. This has expanded even more so in my work in making an inclusive environment for my team members and creating inclusive products for the people we serve. 

Fun Facts

I am a health at every size advocate! 

I'm a libra and type #2 enneagram,
"the helper"

I live in Austin, TX but am originally from Chicago, IL. #deepdishdarling

This is a space for

empowering project leaders 

There's plenty of training and resources out there for c-suite level team members. I wanted to create content tailored to the CEO of projects, not companies.

"I look forward to working with Sam every day. She is a brilliant project manager, communicator, and facilitator."

"You can tell her team respects Sam and that they all collaborate well together, which is clearly her doing."

"I came away feeling completely validated and empowered after her workshop."